Rubber Bond - Fleeceback EPDM Roofing Systems

The gold standard in flat roofing systems

Independent tests have proven that RubberBond Fleeceback is the most durable membrane product currently on the market

RubberBond Fleeceback EPDM is considerably stronger than non-fleece EPDM roofing systems and leaves rivals behind, not only due to the fleece reinforcement itself but also due to the unique patented technology used to laminate the waterproofing to it. This hot melt technology eliminates shrinkage that adversely affects many flat roofing systems

RubberBond FleeceBack™ EPDM flat roofing system has been awarded the British Board of Agrément certificate, No. 11/4853.

Hercules are one of the only UK Approved Installers of RubberBond FleeceBack Roofing Systems. We not only have access to cutting edge materials, we are backed by RubberBond FleeceBack’s 50-year guarantee

Comprising two layers laminated together to create a resilient 2.6mm membrane, the waterproofing 1.2mm thick EPDM membrane bonded to a strong 1.4mm deep polyester fleece backing – making a flat roof that has 80% greater puncture resistance and 180% greater tear resistance than standard 1.2mm non-fleeced EPDM

  • Puncture resistant
  • Not effected by temperature
  • Excellent fire ratings
  • Moss and fungus resistance
  • Safe – No Flame, heat or welding
  • 50 year proven life expectancy
  • Will not tear split or crack
  • Ideal for overlaying of existing surfaces
  • Does not brittle or degrade with age
  • Clean and low odour installation

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