The Ultimate Protection for Your Home

Protect Your Investment

At Hercules we are backed by HomePro insurance, ensuring that your investment is safe with us . Through HomePro we ensure that your warranty actually means something and helps to keep your home protected.

With your HomePro warranty you can rest assured that any issues or claims which may arise after the work has been completed, are fully covered by the warranty agreement.

Business guarantee periods be anything up to 10 years and lots can happen to a business during that period, including going bust, regardless of current stature. This is becoming increasingly common in today's economic climate.

If your contractor were to go out of business you could be left with lots of mounting issues and an essentially worthless guarantee. This is why we recommend HomePro protection, to ensure that you and your assets are always protected.

What Does it Cover?

  • All work undertaken by your contractor for up to 10 years
  • All materials used and supplied by your contractor for up to 10 years
  • Recovery of Deposit Payments up to 25% of contract value to a maximum of £10000.
  • This cover lasts for 90 days from payment of deposit.
  • Work in Progress Cover to up to 25% of contract value.

Reduce Risks

To ease any of you fears regarding your warranty, HomePro's Insurance Backed Guarantee will always match the terms of the original guarantee, in the event of them no longer being able to honour a claim which needs to be made.

HomePro can usually provide an insurance backed guarantee for your contractor's work, which allows the project to be protected from start to completion. This would need to be checked with your contractor upon accepting a quote.

You should always ensure that the contractor you choose is reliable and reputable to carry out your improvements.

Why Choose HomePro?

HomePro Insurance is fully transferrable to any new owners as long as the contracor's own original guarantee is alo transferrable.

Copies of the full terms and conditions are available.

For full details visit the HomePro website